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Welcome HOME!

At Kyra Ayn HOME we love turning houses into homes.  Twenty something years ago, Kyra graduated from Cornell University and started her career as a junior architect.  Quickly Kyra’s passion expanded into interior design & real estate.  She added interior designer & real estate agent credentials to her tool belt which makes her services all encompassing.  Kyra believes your home environment has a profound influence on your life.  An inviting, well-organized, comfortable home can have therapeutic powers –  as powerful as a good laugh, a long run or a strong martini.  So how does she create this therapeutic space and when does the design process begin?

REAL ESTATE – Ideally the design process starts when you are searching for a house. Imagine working  with a real estate agent who knows a great deal about architecture, interior design, and construction?  A Realtor who searches for the type of property you want with an eye for design potential. One who can answer your questions;  “Can I remove this wall?” How much would a new kitchen cost? Is it worth adding an extra bathroom?   Kyra is a licensed real estate agent and can help you sell your home as well as  find you the home of your dreams. With her unique perspective she will bring properties to your attention that you may otherwise have overlooked. Kyra can stage your home when you are ready to make a move. Nothing makes a buyer more eager to make an offer than an inviting comfortable home they can picture themselves living in.

REIMAGINE – This is the next step to creating a relaxing beautiful home.  Maybe it’s a house you just bought or one you have lived in for over 20 years. Maybe you want a fresh start and need a whole house remodel or are toying with the idea of a bigger kitchen. This is where the creativity & imagination begins! Kyra will formulate ideas, draw a plan and begin to make your dream a reality. She will save you time, money, and aggravation by guiding you towards the best solutions that will unify your space, make it functional & beautiful.

RENOVATE – Kyra will help you navigate the construction process from design concept through installing the kitchen sink. And while she loves all design projects, Kyra’s favorite projects are kitchens.  Creating a beautiful, efficient, hardworking hub of the home is one of the most exciting, overwhelming and expensive projects a homeowner can take on. While the decisions are many, the options are endless. An experienced kitchen designer is worth their weight in headache medicine. She has designed hundreds of kitchens and has a wealth of knowledge and experience to ensure your project will run relatively smoothly, work efficiently, and be soothing on your eyes.  Let her save you time, money & regret. You will be inspired to pull out a cookbook, host a party or at a minimum, wear a silly grin every time you walk into your new kitchen.